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The Cross And You
The Empty Cross
The Heart of Jesus
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The Marriage Cross
Communion Cross
Messiah's broken and Joyful Heart

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Dennis in his Woodworking shop, making a Marine Footlocker.

Our focus is creatingmeaningful and unique wood products for specific interests and desires.

Our mission is inspiring wounded vets to learn to create these beautiful wooden objects and through training, employment and eventual ownership to join our company and rise up like the phoenix.

Our vision is to further the American economy by fostering a new business structure of social enterprise built on the original American dream of self employment and local industry.

We offer a range of inspired wooden products each brought to life by
their own story of creation.

Each of these products was originally conceptualized by their craftsman to hold a place of special meaning

in the heart of the intended recipient. Chosen for their quality, beauty and universal appeal to a wider audience, these products continue to be offered on Phoenix Woodworks LLC's Classic Line.

In addition to our Classic Line of products, Phoenix Woodworks LLC offers a Custom service.

Our craftsmen work with you to create meaningful and unique objects to suit your desires. Many of our custom items become cherished personal
and family heirlooms.

We invite you to tour our website to find out more about this exceptional social enterprise.


Miniture Marine Foot Locker
Gods Love Shining Rainbow Cross
The Cross And You Natural Stain with Mirror
The Cross And You Celtic Green Paint with Mirror
The Empty Cross Celtic Green on a base
The Heart Of Jesus Cross with rounded edge
The Marraige Cross
Messiah's broken and Joyful Heart
Communion Cross
Celtic Cross
Red Mirrored You Are In My
Corner Chest
Jewelry Box

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